Saturday, October 18, 2014

Meteor M2 Images using RTL SDR

I tried decoding new Russian weather satellite “Meteor-M №2″ broadcasting at frequencies of 137.1 and 137.9 in the LRPT format with an Image resolution of 12 times greater than the aging analog NOAA APT signals.

Setup uses RTL SDR with E4000 tuner chipset,  home brew QFH Antenna and a homebrew preamp. There is heavy interferences on 137 Mhz from an unknown source, in-spite of it I have managed to decode some of the images, as and when time permits.

Most of these images were decoded using GNUradio (Ubuntu flavour of Linux) installed on flash drive with persistent mode and booted through it, special thanks to Raydel Aberu Espinetm CM2ESP for it. See details (PDF file).

M2 is now fully operation, but transmits only on 2 Vis Ch + 1 IR Ch during day time.

More info is available here. Track in Real time here.

See My regular weather images at FB

My two page setup was published in GEO MAGAZINE'S QUARTERLY ISSUE, DEC 2014.


My RTL Setup.

 Through multi way switch, I can connect RTL  directly to antenna or through 137 MHz preamp or use HF up convertor.  It has its own power supply reducing interference from pc or its supply. When using my Samsung tab this prevents taxing Tab's battery. 

I added some additional rf filters not shown in above photo to reduce interference.

GNUradio screen shots, running Raydel's (CM2ESP) script .

Image Processing done by LRPToffLineDecoder under W7.

New QPSK Plugin developed by Vasili and Alex.

Meteor Images from above setup.

White band in the images is due to glitch on the RAW HRPT to LRPT JPEG compressor system on the satellite.

  Image Enhancement.

7th-April-2015 Image showing sand storm in Arabian sea. Click for  Hi-res image.

 Left: original image CH1+ CH2.                 Centre: Original  image          Right: Enhanced imaged
                                                                using  CH1+CH2+CH5(IR)            using 1+CH2+CH5(IR)

Another interesting image form defunct Meteor M1, note its imaging instruments are pointing away from earths land mass, hence you can see earths curvature and space.

11-Dec-2015,  Full res click here.


12-Dec-2015, Full res click here.


Below are images from Meteor M2.

12-Sept-2015. Click for Hi-res image.

 2-Sept-2015. Click for Hi-res image.


31-Aug-2015. Click for Hi-res image.

  18-Aug-2015. Click for Hi-res image.

11-Aug-2015. Click for Hi-res image (RGB).

28-July-2015.Click for Hi-res image.

24-July-2015. Click for Hi-res image.

23-July-2015. Click for Hi-res image.

22-July-2015. Click for Hi-res image.

16-July-2015. Click for Hi-res image.

11-July-2015 (RGB). Click for Hi-res image.

8-July-2015. Click for Hi-res image.

7-July-2015. Click for Hi-res image.

27th-June-2015. Click for Hi-res image.

24th-June-2015. Click for Hi-res image.

23rd-June-2015.  Click for Hi-res image.

22nd-June-2015. Click for Hi-res image.

  21st-June-2015. Click for Hi-res image.

19th-June-2015. Click for Hi-res image.

  18th-June-2015. Click for Hi-res image.


17th-June-2015. Click for Hi-res image.

12th-June-2015.  Click for Hi-res image. 

Click for Hi-res image.


Click for Hi-res image.

Click for Hi-res image.


Click for Hi-res image.

3rd-June-2015. Click for Hi-res image.

16th-May-2015. Click for Hi-res image

8th NOV.Click here for Hi-res image

7th NOV
Click here for Hi-res image

6th NOV
Click here for Hi-res image.

3rd NOV
Click here for Hi-res image.

2nd NOV
Click here for Hi-res image.

1st NOV
Click here for Hi-res image.

30th OCT
Click here for Hi-res image.

29th OCT
Click here for Hi-res image.

28th OCT, Showing Cyclone Nilofar.
Click here for Hi-res image.

27th OCT, Showing Cyclone Nilofar.
Click here for Hi-res image.

25th OCT
Click here for Hi-res image

24th OCT
Click here for Hi-res image

23rd OCT
Click here for Hi-res image

20th OCT
Click here for Hi-res image

22nd OCT
Click here for Hi-res image

21st OCT
Click here for Hi-res image

9th OCT showing cyclone Hudhud